Monday, February 15, 2010

USATE 2010, Round 2: Massey's Moeller Attack

Massey - NN, after 14...Kf8
White to play and win.

Massey - NN, after 23...Kf6
What's the fastest win?

After the third round of play at the US Amateur Teams East in Parsippany, the "Kenilworth A" team was 3-0 and sitting behind the rope in contention for the title.  I'll find out shortly how we did in Round 4 and if we are playing up or down in Round 5 today.  Meanwhile, I have a little gem of a game that NM Scott Massey played in Round 2 (PGN here) on Saturday that is sure to amuse you, featuring the Moeller Attack of the Italian Game or Giuoco Piano.  Scott, who was 3-0 himself after three rounds, says he figured all of this out at the board, having only the vaguest recollection of theory.  However, he did miss the quickest win in the second diagram: can you find it?



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