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Wednesday, February 11, 2009


What USATE Teams Do We Have?

FM Steve Stoyko is leading the Kenilworth Chess Club A team again this year, with the same members as last year: NM Scott Massey, NM Ed Allen, expert Bob Rose and expert Mike Goeller as alternate. Last year we finished 5-1, losing only to the infamous "GGGg" team.

What other teams have Kenilworth Chess Club members? How many "Chessaholics" teams is Mike Wojcio putting together?

Use the comments to answer, or if someone wants to give a complete listing in a post that would be great.

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Here's a partial list : NM Mark Kernighan, Geoff McAuliffe, Greg Tomkovich & Bill Sokolosky are the Kenilworth Niners. NM Yaacov Norowitz, Richard Lewis, Mikhail Kruglyak & Joe Renna comprise one Chessaholics team. Ian Mangion, Don Carrelli, Jack McCorkell, Ted Mann, Leon Hrebinka & Mike Wojcio are on others. Jim Cole, Gordon Agress & Bert Shiffman are playing for The Curious Case of Joel Benjamin. Ari Minkov, Ziggy Bliznikas & I are playing for the Lithuanian Athletic Club.

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