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Friday, March 27, 2009


And now for something completely different

As opposed to the usual tactical shot, a question of evaluation from Don Carrelli:
In the following position with Black to move, what should be the outcome of the game?  My opinion in the comments...

I think it should be a draw if Black sets up a stonewall with ...b5 and ...a6, and the white king can't force its way in.
I agree. After 1...b5 2.Bb8 a6, for instance, White can make no progress because the Black King has three squares (e5, f5, g5) from which it can prevent Kf4 and White cannot block more than two at a time because the White King cannot go to e4 and the Bishop cannot cover both g5 and e5 except at f4 where it gets in the King's way. I'm curious if it were possible to compose a position similar to this one, though, where the Bishop could be sacrificed at f6 in order to create a winning opposition position for White.

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