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Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Do you need to be Fritz to sac pieces?

White to play...would you Bxh7+?

This is one of my games from the Westfield Quads last Sunday.  I did decide to sac my bishop.  I went more on feeling because I couldn’t calculate any winning variations but figured there must be some hidden attack once I got a few moves into it.  It just felt right to sac the piece, but once I reached this…

White to play

...I second guessed myself.  What did I have to show?  I can bail out and take his rook on f8 and maintain somewhat material equality, but I am left with such horrible pieces.  With Game 45, I felt I was forced to play that so I could use the rest of my time to dig myself out of the hole I put myself in.  After running this position thru Fritz, I found that Nxf8 is fourth best(?!)  Fritz still gives me an advantage, but from a human standpoint, a very difficult game lies ahead.  Two stronger moves are Nxc7 and Ng5+, both still with the similar dilemma.  These moves pale in comparison to what Fritz suggests as a winning move.  Sacrificing a piece for a positional edge with no immediate winning back of material is a difficult thing to swallow.   What does Fritz do when he reaches this position?  It's no surprise he chooses to sac yet another piece.  Do you see it?

Ne4 fxe f5 looks nasty
Good luck at the Interservice Championship. Please post your scores if possible. I'll check the Monroi site again on Monday to see if they are covering the event this year.

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