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Friday, July 31, 2009


Signpost games

Later this weekend I'll post an analysis of a game I played at last year's US Amateur Team East.  It was a game where I had Black against a master who needed to win to bring his team a win in the match, and though I came under heavy pressure I managed to walk away with a draw.  This game to me was a sign that convinced me that I was on the road to improvement (in contrast to say last night's steaming turd loss to Mike Wojcio which is like a Wrong Way sign).  I thought I'd toss out memorable games as a topic for the assembled readership - please post some, it can help push John's exegesis on spam further down.  

P.S.  Bill, I remembered to bring the magic poison last night, and you weren't there, imagine the disappointment!  

You can find some of our members' best games in the Articles section of our site under the heading "Best Games" in the left hand column. Steve's game with Larry D. Evans is especially worth a look.

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