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Tuesday, September 8, 2009


NJ State Championship

I just came back from the NJ state championship (for pictures see Mike Goeller or Jim West's sites), and there was a fearsome Kenilworth presence there.  Ziggy, Mike Wojcio, Greg Tomkovich, Lou Sturniolo, and Steve Stoyko were some of the participants, along with several spectators from the club.  Meanwhile, Joe Renna, myself, and Yaacov Norowitz all went into the last round sitting on 4.0/5 and with 1st place up for grabs in our sections.
Massive kudos to Joe Renna who cooly converted his last game to get to 5/6 and 1st place in the U1300 section (which I expect will be his last U1300 event ever).  

A lukewarm handshake for me, when needing a win the best I could come up with was a draw for 4.5/6 and 3rd place in the U1900 section (hopefully my last U1900 event ever) and some cold cash for gas money.  On the plus side I finished undefeated, on the minus side I did my Peter Leko thing with +3 -0 =3.  

Scorn shall be heaped upon Yaacov, who had the NJ title in his hands with a soft last round matchup against IM Dean Ippolito but walked away emptyhanded, having experienced the passed pawn's lust to expand firsthand.  

One more highlight you can only get from this reporter - a wild freaky pawn endgame that took place on board 3 in the U1900 section in the last round, with $400 sitting on the line.  To be continued....


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