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Sunday, September 27, 2009


White to play

Take a look at this endgame and see if you can find a way for White to survive.  The solution is in the comments.

Jan Timman, 1980

1. c5! e4 2. Bd1!! (only move that allows survival) e3 3. Bxf3 Kxf3 4. Kxc6 e2

and now (for me) the most difficult part...

5. Kd7! (after Kb7?? Black's new queen will be able to stop the White king from the stalemate trick in the main line by 5....e1=Q 6. c6 Qb4+ 7. Kc8 Ke4 with mate in 7. The difference is that here Black runs out of useful checks)
5. .... e1+Q 6. c6 Qd2+ 7. Kc8 with 8. c7 being unavoidable, after which White has the well-known stalemate with queen vs bishop pawn on the 7th rank.

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