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Thursday, November 5, 2009


Kenilworth Karpovs Squeeze West Orange

West Orange fielded a weaker than usual lineup and felt the squeeze from the Karpovs, with wins from myself and Steve Stoyko, and a gamesman-like draw from John M.  Particularly noteable was my off-the-cuff invention of a gambit in the Sicilian Dragon with 7. e5!!!   I seemingly dropped a pawn for no compensation, so you can imagine my opponent's surprise when in turn he lost the exchange some 40 moves later.  A sting a the end of the tail, typical of a deep sacrifice.   We're now 2-0 and one step closer to hoisting the non-existent league trophy.

I was dead-lost at the end but my opponent had 2 seconds left.

As for the league trophy... 2 placques have been selected and will soon be ordered. The Kortchnois will keep one and the other will be passed along to the next winner.

The links below should give an idea what they will look like :

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