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Thursday, March 25, 2010


What's up at KCC 3/25

2nd Section KCC Quads in the foreground. My opponent, Ian, ponders his move from across the empty chair. With some lucky maneuvers, I managed to get the full point in a time scramble. This gave me clear first in the Quads with a 3-0 record.

In the background, you'll see just some of the trophies awarded to KCC Members for their accomplishments during the Kenilworth Chess Club Championship last month.

Congratulations to:

Ian Mangion - 3rd place overall

Glen Hart - U1800

Lou Sturniolo - U1600

Joe Renna - U1400

Biggest Upset - Jim Cole (-440) > Wojcio

Best Game - Ian's win over John

A special thanks to Glen Hart for graciously donating some fritztrainer opening CDs for prizes AND left overs to the KCC Library. Thanks to Joe as well for getting the trophies good to go. And of course to John for his coverage of the event.


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