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Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Karpov vs the Dragon

If you read a number of books on Karpov's greatest games, often the first entry is Karpov vs Gik from 1968, an instructive destruction of the Sicilian Dragon.  Too lazy to play the the moves on, you say?   Well, the following video does for this game what the amuse bouche does for the seven course meal.... Enjoy!

You simply visit the video on YouTube and click on the little link to the right of it that says "Embed." Choose color and size to customize the look you want. Then copy the embed code from the little box next to the word "Embed" (click to select then Control+V or right-click+copy). In Blogger, choose the "Edit HTML" tab (instead of the "Compose" tab) and then paste the HTML embed code from the clipboard in the appropriate place -- generally at the beginning or end of your post is fine. Go back to the compose mode and finish. My Blogger template confines me to 400 px width, so I generally also have to edit the dimensions in the embed code to get it to 400 px wide -- also calculating the height dimension (though you can leave out the height dimension, but I find that can sometimes cause problems so I calculate the adjusted height and enter that). Your template gives you plenty of room, though, for large videos even, so you can go with the standard YouTube presets.

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