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Thursday, April 29, 2010


Why Computers Suck

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What is this fish trying to do?

I usually ask myself that after going over my games with Rybka. I have no clue what is going on with half of the moves it suggests. Especially in one of my recent games against Ian where I played a hedgehog type formation against his 1.c4. I, playing black, had no weaknesses. Ian had a huge space advantage and because of that, the computer gave him a favorable edge. How to win with that is another story. The computer made some senseless suggestions with plenty of bizarre maneuvering for both sides. In the end, I learned nothing.

GM Miguel Illescas, during game 4 of the World Chess Championship match, commentates on ICC about this. Here is a snippet of what he and co-host Macauley have to say about the following position where Anand just played Ne3-g4!

GM Illescas: Propbably one of the best options from a practical point of view.

Macauley: Ironically, after building quite a significant plus score according to Deep Junior dropped a bit, just barely above 0.00 after Ng4. The computer seemed to prefer Rc4.

GM Illescas: is a very computer move. We humans, we try to find the clear plans, more clear ways to play. If you want a teacher, who do you want- Junior 10 or Vishy Anand? You would want Anand to teach you...because of the way Anand thinks, it's easier for you to understand. Computers play very well, but we are not ready to understand how they feel chess.

Spot on Miguel! Who needs computers?! If you are interested, Chessbase has analysis of the rest of the game here.

After all that said, a special thanks to all those who helped me understand the game of chess. And to Rybka's defense...I feel the same way when I analyze Fisher's games in his My 60 Memorable Games. Who knows!


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