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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Kenilworth Chess Club Consultation Game

Over the next two weeks, the Kenilworth Chess Club will host another one of its consultation games. The club will be split in half to form two teams which will play as a whole against each other (does that make sense?!). Each team will be led by one of the stronger players to help aid in the discussion about what is going on. Not only do I find these enjoyable, I think they also open the eyes to all the members of the club to see how different we think about the game- from masters to class players. From a brief search of the club sites, I think this may be our fourth consultation game. Here are two of our past consultation games from 2006 and 2007.

Small world...I have no clue how I got on the email list for North Penn Chess Club located in Lansdale, PA- about an hour and a half drive southwest from us. But sure enough, it was interesting enough that they just completed their first consultation game as ours is about to begin. It is even more interesting that they played the King's Gambit- trying to create some tension among the Black team on move 2! Here is their game...

In his annotations (attached here:NPCC%20Consultation%20Match.doc), Eric mentions that he read about a game played by ten Grand Masters during a training session for the 1952 Olympiad tournament. Averbakh, Geller, Petrosian, and Taimanov played White and Keres, Kotov, Tolush, and Boleslavsky played Black. Botvinnik and Smyslov joined the White team after the situation was already difficult. The full score and selected annotations are reprinted in Petrosian's Legacy. If someone from the club has this book, please bring it in- I'd be curious to see that game!

Some more randomly related info....

GM vs The World here at This includes Karpov's, Kasparov's, and others game against the world.

Consultation games between cities can be found here. I also wanted to note that someone I met during one of my tournaments years ago belongs to the Burlington Chess Club in Vermont...which just happens to meet the same day and time we do. Perhaps a Kenilworth-Burlington city consultation match is in the near future. Let me know what you guys think.

See everyone tomorrow!



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