Vishwanathan Anand
A site devoted to the great Indian GM.
Kasparov's site, devoted to promoting his Predecessors series but offering interesting forums and downloads.

Vladimir Kramnik
A site devoted to the ongoing triumphs of the champion.
The Russian super-GMs site is pretty cool.

Peter Svidler
The official site of the Russian super-GM.

Bobby Fischer
A very complete site from Chuck Ayoub, including latest news.

Even though it is hard to be a "Fischer fan" these days, here's a Fischer fan site with some pretty good content. To demystify the man, visit his personal site. But be warned: it is not as pleasant as our nostalgic memory of 1972.

Bobby Fischer's Pathetic Endgame
An article by Rene Chun available free at The Atlantic Monthly Online. Probably the most honest portrait of the former champ available.

Bobby Fischer, 25 Years On by Tim Harding
A history and reconsideration on the 25th anniversary of Fischer's 1972 victory.

Alexandra Kosteniuk
The home page of the world's most lovely chessplayer.

Chess Goddesses
See what's going on with the other women of chess.

Judit Polgar
A seemingly official site devoted to the best women's player (and one of the best overall) in the world.

Includes updates on the doings of GM Susan Polgar and links to her recent articles.

A site that is not as frequently updated recently, featuring the games, analysis, and doings of several GMs.

Teimour Radjabov
Frequently updated with his most recent games and analysis.

Biography with links to games.

Official Anatoly Karpov Site (in Russian)

Anatoly Karpov
An unofficial web site with some good content and links to games.

Chess Corner's Anatoly Karpov page
A good biography, his best game, and a link to a download of games.


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