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Friday, December 09, 2005

Minutes of Kenilworth Chess Club Meeting on 12/8/05

Minutes of the Kenilworth Chess Club Meeting on 12-8-05

1. Mike Stallings announced that he will accept another term if nominated, but cannot show up on a regular basis.

2. An end of the year report about the state of the club will be emailed out detailing its financial status.

3. A club meeting and elections will be held on 12-15-05. The Club Championship format, the sponsoring of a U.S. Amateur Team, and the financial status of the club are intended to be discussed.

4. The Club Championship's format will likely need to be modified. Among the proposals are an open section and/with an under 1800 section (similar to most major tournaments such as the World Open) or Swiss system.

5. A proposal to apportion between $100-$200 on the Club Team(s). A decision on this matter will be finalized at the 12-15-05 general meeting.

6. The club's treasury currently has about $700. A proposal was made not to allow it to go under $400.

Please Note: Club meetings take place on an intermittent (as opposed to a frequent) basis. Minutes of those meetings are contingent upon the number of meetings that are held and are therefore not made up on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.


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