KCC Minutes

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Summer Tournament

Going into the final week there is a tie for first place between Mark Kernighan and myself. Mark beet me the first week of the tournament--- with 15 seconds left on his clock. I am hoping Mark is available for a rematch for the championship on the final week. Thanks to all who played and hope to see you in the fall.

Mark Kernighan 2213 8
Greg Tomkovich 1723 8
Mike Goeller 2023 5.5
Devin Camenares UNR 4
Ed Selling 1659 3
Pete Cavalier 1622 3
Geoff McAuliffe 1780 2.5
Joe Demetrick 1447 2
John Moldovan 1774 2
Javier Moreno UNR 2
Scott Massey 2213 1
Mike Wojico 1616 1
Pat Mazillo 1288 1
Laukik Gadgil UNR 1
Tedd Mann 1436 0
Bill Sokolosky 1145 0
Jose Rodriguez UNR 0
Current Prizes : 1st $31; 2nd $15; 3rd $5

Monday, August 22, 2005

Rematch with W. Orange: September 22

I talked with John Hagerty of the W. Orange club and we have tentatively scheduled the 2md half of the match for Thursday, September 22 @ Kenilworth. The games will start promptly at 8PM. There will be 10 boards - G/90 (with 5 second delay if electronic clock) - in rating order. Given that the latest ratings supplement is a train wreck (players missing, ratings incorrect, etc.) we will be using ratings from the internet or the latest mailing label. Our board 1 will have Black, with colors alternating after that.

Please let me know if you have interest in participating. To be fair to all who made the trek out to W. Orange in June - first preference goes to those who participated in the 1st half of this match.


Monday, August 08, 2005


Minutes of the Kenilworth Chess Club Meeting on 8-4-05
1.Club Matches: The club is arranging to set up a match against West Orange (either for the 15 or 22 of September) and another one against Roselle.

2. Introductory Membership Offer: A $1 charge for the rest of the year for new members with an ad for it to be placed in the newspaper is being proposed.
3. Coffeemaker: A proposal for the club to invest in a coffeemaker was discussed.
4. Tentative Fall Club Schedule*: Game 30 rated tournaments to be held on October 20 and 27, lectures to be held on October 6 and November 17, 5 minute tournament on November 10, 15 minute tournament for September 29, bughouse tournament to be held on December 5, and a Christmas party for December 22.

*Subject to Change

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Fall Events

The fall schedule for this year will include lectures by Steve Stoyko and Scott Massey, matches against the West Orange, and Roselle chess clubs, along with a rated tournament, a G/15 tournament, the 5 minute championship and a bughouse tournament. The exact dates of these events is still to be determined. Hope everyone is having an enjoyable summer.