KCC Minutes

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Minutes of meeting on 12-22-05

Minutes of the Kenilworth Chess Club Business Meeting on 12/22/05

Club Treasury: The club began the year with $740 and ended the year with $771 (excluding the expenses of the party held on 12/22/05)

Club Expenses: The club was contemplating buying some carbon-copy score- sheets as well as a remodeling of the cabinet.

Club Championship: It was decided to keep it at Game 90 with 5 second delay for electric clocks, trophies will continue to be awarded but may possible be smaller then the ones awarded in previous years, $25 for the entrance fee with an additional $10 deposit to ensure that no one takes more than 2 byes (the $10 will be returned if they cooperate with that condition; if a person takes an unauthorized 3rd bye they will lose that deposit and will lose games that they cannot make up after the 4th unauthorized bye. Geoff McAuliffe will direct this tournament. This tournament will consist of 2 round robin sections: an open section and an under 1800 section. It will also be unrated.

U.S. Teams: The club will allocate $150 toward people interested in forming a team and divide that $150 on the basis of the number of teams that are formed. This $150 will be reimbursed to the team(s) once they have complied with the condition of showing up and other such conditions. Only the people who are current members (for the 2006 year) in good standing are eligible to play for this team and their team name must include the phrase "Kenilworth Chess Club."

Elections: Joe Demetrick was elected president, Greg Tomkovich was elected vice-president, Geoff McAuliffe was elected treasurer, Mike Goeller was elected secretary, Pete Cavaliere was elected tournament director, Mike Wojcio, Bill Sokolosky, Howard Osterman, Mike Stallings, and Pat Mazzillo were elected members-at-large. Scott Massey was elected permanent member-at-large.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Club Meeting Postponed

Amendment to the minutes of meeting on 12-8-05
Due to the insufficient club attendance on 12-15-05, the club meeting that was supposed to have taken place on that day had been canceled. It will instead be held on 12-22-05 instead, assuming that there is a quorum and that the rest of the club agrees to it.

Business Meeting POSTPONED

Due to the weather and a limited number of members present, it was decided to postpone the annual business meeting to Thursday, December 22nd. This will coincide with the Holiday Party. Hopefully, we'll be able to get through the topics (Club Championship, Elections, etc.) quickly.

For the Holiday Party, we are planning on having Pizza, Soda, Cake, and whatever else people would like to bring. See you then!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Amendment to Meeting on 12-8-05

Amendment to Minutes of 12-8-05 Officers Meeting

The third option for the Club Championship is to keep the status quo. Additionally, The option to have an under 1800 and an open section concurrently will be in a round robin format.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Format for 2006 Club Championship

It's that time of year again! This week brings the Business Meeting and the discussion on the format of the Club Championship. I have jotted down some notes to help guide the discussion. I'll bring copies of this to the meeting on Thursday @ 8PM. These are some of the options for the format that have been kicked around, but it is certainly not intended to be all inclusive. If you have another idea on how to run the tournament please put that idea on the table. I personally believe that the growth of the Club has made the current one-section format not practical given the length of time it would take to complete.

Time Control:

G/90 (last year) or something else

Time Delay Clocks (note that if it is USCF Rated – delay is preference)



Cash and Plaque

What places?

USCF Rated

Not (traditional) or Rated

Entry Fee:

$25 last yr


Who wants to run it – make rulings / pairings, etc.



1. One Section Round Robin:

The current traditional format. This format has 2 key advantages. First, everyone plays in the same section for the Championship, and second that everyone plays everyone else once. This format has become somewhat untenable though due to the growth of the Club. To accommodate 15 people in the tournament, we would be looking at the tournament running at least though the early part of April if not longer. Last year, a number of people did not participate in the tournament given the commitment that it entailed. With more members, this situation could potentially be worse. A key item of a Club Championship is that it should be inclusive of as many members as possible.

2. Multiple Section Round Robin

This would help alleviate the problem of the length of the tournament, though comes at the cost that not everyone would be playing for the Club Championship. A way to solve this would be to have two sections, Open and U1800. The winner of the Open Section would be declared Club Champion, and the winner of the U1800 is the U1800 Champion. Everyone is eligible to enter the Open section, however, only those in the U1800 section are eligible to be U1800 Champion. Ratings would be used from the latest printed Supplement.

3. Swiss Format

This would preserve the advantage of having everyone in the same section. Also, the tournament would be of a fixed length of time. However, this format has two main drawbacks. First, everyone would not be guaranteed to play everyone else, and second, bye weeks would become substantially more difficult to manage than the Round Robin type format.


Fee to discourage no shows

How many no-shows determines forfeiture of deposit

Friday, December 09, 2005

Minutes of Kenilworth Chess Club Meeting on 12/8/05

Minutes of the Kenilworth Chess Club Meeting on 12-8-05

1. Mike Stallings announced that he will accept another term if nominated, but cannot show up on a regular basis.

2. An end of the year report about the state of the club will be emailed out detailing its financial status.

3. A club meeting and elections will be held on 12-15-05. The Club Championship format, the sponsoring of a U.S. Amateur Team, and the financial status of the club are intended to be discussed.

4. The Club Championship's format will likely need to be modified. Among the proposals are an open section and/with an under 1800 section (similar to most major tournaments such as the World Open) or Swiss system.

5. A proposal to apportion between $100-$200 on the Club Team(s). A decision on this matter will be finalized at the 12-15-05 general meeting.

6. The club's treasury currently has about $700. A proposal was made not to allow it to go under $400.

Please Note: Club meetings take place on an intermittent (as opposed to a frequent) basis. Minutes of those meetings are contingent upon the number of meetings that are held and are therefore not made up on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.