KCC Minutes

Monday, December 15, 2008

Business Meeting Minutes

Minutes of the December 11th Business Meeting

1. A $50 back-payment to Geoff McAuliffe for directing the 2007 & 2008 Club Championships was approved.
2. The purchase of 4-5 cheap, plastic, tournament-size chess sets & two digital chess clocks was approved.
3. The sponsorship of USATE entries was eliminated.
4. A dues-reduction from $20 per year to $15 was approved. Junior/Student dues were reduced from $10 to $7.50 per annum.
5. A Senior Citizen discount for KCC memberships was approved. The dues for persons 65+ will be $10.
6. A motion to allow pro-rated dues-refunds, if the KCC moves to Tuesday nights during 2009, was approved.
7. A vote on forming a 501c non-profit corporation was postponed.
8. Greg Tomkovich resigned as Vice-President.
9. Ian Mangion, Mark Kernighan, Don Carrelli, Lou Sturniolo & Max Sherer tabbed as V.P. nominees. Kernighan, Carrelli & Sturniolo declined to run.
10. Mangion elected Vice-President by a 12-3 count.
11. John Moldovan, Geoff McAuliffe & Joe Renna re-elected to their posts. All were un-opposed.
12. A motion to use old, donated trophies for 2009 Club Championship prizes was approved.
13. Members voted 7-6 with 4 abstentions to run the 2009 Club Championship as an unrated tournament.
14. Given the past problem with last-minute entries, the TD was given authority to select the 2009 Club Championship format.


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