Central New Jersey 5 Minute Tournament

Anybody is elgible to play and have a chance to win a cash prizes. However, to hold the title you have to either live, work or be a paid member of a chess club in one of the following counties in New Jersey: 

Union Essex Morris
Middlesex Monmouth Ocean
Hudson Somerset

The tournament will be a five round Swiss on September 10 and 17. During each round, the players will play two games, switching colors after the first game. Registration will close on September 10 at 8:20 and the first round will start at 8:35. There will be three rounds on September 10 and two rounds on September 17. The fourth round will start at 8:30. 

The prize fund is guaranteed to be at least $100. The details of how it is paid out is: 

Prize Amount
1st Place The greater of 50% of the entree fees or $50
2nd Place The greater of 25% of the entree fees or $25
Top under 1900 The greater of 12.5% of the entree fees or $12.50
Top under 1600 The greater of 12.5% of the entree fees or $12.50

Notes: The games will be played clock move. This means you can change your move until you hit your clock. If you play an illegal move and your opponent notices it then you lose the game. You must have mating material to claim a win. 

Due to space limitations we must limit registration to the first 24 players who sign up. 
For more information you can contact Robert Sherry.

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