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Regularly Updated Chess Sites


Probably the best place to get a daily update of important chess happenings around the world.

TWIC: The Week in Chess
A great place to find recent games and news, with at least weekly updates.

Net Chess News
Updated weekly, with a game of the week feature. Easy navigation to all the most recent games and downloads.

Chess Cafe
A chess magazine with a rotating series of articles and columns updated on at least a weekly basis. Some features are updated more frequently.

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ICC: The Internet Chess Club
Home to, the internet chess radio (with video lectures) and online play. Something is going on here practically every day of the week.
Features frequent new articles. I also think their Forum is one of the more active and interesting sites for chess discussion.

Chess Today
Billed as the first daily chess newspaper. By subscription, but you can check out monthly sample issues and some free content online.
Updated at least monthly with new articles and reviews.

On the Square
Monthly by-lined articles written for the Campbell Report and usually focused on Correspondence Chess. See also the Campbell Report Archive and Hard Chess (the latter no longer updated).

Chess Notes by Edward Winter (now at Chess History)
The great chess historian (semi-emeritus) shares his findings in a series of articles, formerly at Chess Cafe. If you are into chess history, you'll want to check back here often.

Chess Maniac
A fun and useful site, with updated news on the main page.

About Chess
Since Mark Weeks took over this part of the site, the content here is much improved, though generally geared toward beginners. The forum is well-managed and monitored. There are still some pop-up ads, though less troublesome and less numerous than before. But I hate the way does not allow you to check out sites outside of their frame. This should be illegal (since they end up presenting other people's content as their own). I also find that it is hard to separate commercial content from the more immediately useful, and it takes a lot of clicks to get to anything you want (the idea, after all, is to get page-views and ad-views). For players beginner to about 1500 rating, though, this is a fairly good site and worth visiting.

The Chess Oracle - Chess News from Around the World
John Sharp's British-focused chess news and links.
British commercial site with news, links, calendar, and e-shop.

Harmen Jonkman's Chess Tournament Calendar
A running calendar of events, with prize information, links to the organizers' websites, and contact info. Designed for players on the circuit, but useful for the rest of us folks just following along.

Chess at Google News
A search of chess news articles on the web. Several sites attempt something similar (see Latest Chess News from JustChess or ), but Google does it best.

Weekly Chess Columns

The Washington Post
Weekly column by Lubomir Kavalek is timely and interesting, with a well-annotated game and puzzle.

Daily Telegraph
Daily column by Malcolm Pein, features current news and games without annotations.

Sunday Telegraph
Excellent weekly column by Nigel Short, with a recent annotated game.

Saturday Telegraph
Weekly articles by David Norwood.

Los Angeles Times
Jack Peters's timely chess column is quite good.

Australian Chess Columns
Weekly column by Ian Rogers is especially worth the visit.

Evans on Chess
Weekly column by the American legend.

Weekly column by Raymond Keene. Generally an annotated game from years gone by.

New York Times Chess Column
This long-running weekly column by GM Robert Byrne has been on a steep decline in recent years, especially as compared to the excellent and timely work of Jack Peters and Lubomir Kavalek. The news is old and the annotations are dull. The Times used to be excellent and even had columns twice a week way back when. I hope Byrne picks a successor soon so that the Times doesn't drop chess altogether.

The Scotsman
No longer updated column by John Henderson. According to Mig, you can still read Henderson in The Scotsman paper's games section, available online with registration.

Chess Blogs (Web Logs or Online Diaries)




National and International Sites

Frequent official postings, especially on the World Championship cycle (where you will find the most up-to-date news possible).

U.S. Chess Online
Occasional updates.

The French international daily chess newspaper online.

Chess Siberia
Scroll down for the links to content and news.

Ukrainian Chess Online
Edited by Mikhail Golubev, with excellent annotated games (especially those of Ruslan Ponomariov's) and other features.

Russian Chess
A great site with strong content, especially annotated games.

BS Chess by Bystrov Sergey (English version)
Russian international chess news and downloads.

Hungarian Chess Federation
They have much to celebrate in Leko and the Polgars. And the Hungarians take chess seriously. There is an English language link but most content is not in English. See also Sakk Portal Magyar.

British Chess Magazine
A good portal for news with lots of other useful content, especially recent book reviews (accessible through the Magazine area).

Pakistan Chess Player
Frequently updated.

An interesting Indian chess site.

Australian Chess News
A weekly column with game to play on the web. Part of the Australian Chess Federation site.

The Chess Drum
African chess news with frequent updates.

Chess South Africa
A good news site with an SA focus.

Chess Tigers
An interesting German site with lots of news.

An interesting German site.

A good German site that seems to be in touch with what is going on in German and European chess.

A Swiss site with lots of content.

Swedish (?) chess site, rich in content and information.

Austrian Chess Federation
Features updated news and very good links. Also an archive to Austrian games. Click the link for English language.

Tromsø Sjakklub
Chess club website with lots of interesting content. Not sure if it is Finnish or Norwegian.

Russian language chess site.

Mixed English/Spanish site with opening columns and some tournament news.

Spanish-language site with news and calendar.

Ajedrez de Europa
A Spanish language site featuring mostly links and lists.

Ajedrez Siglo 21
News and columns in Spanish.

Ajedrez 21
What's with "21" in Spanish chess site names? This site has slick design and good chess news.

Peon de Rey
A Spanish-language site with good and current content. Some requires registration.

French language daily chess newspaper.

French Chess Federation
Features news and tournament and club listings.

Hellas Chess Club Chess Portal
An excellent Greek site with frequent updates of chess news.

I must confess, I can't read much here. But it does have some interesting articles in English and lots of content.

Iran Chess

Online Discussion Forums and Listservs

NJ Chess
A well-monitored discussion, with a focus on openings (see Pete's "Openings for Amateurs" section especially). Though it seems to have begun with a focus on chess in the state of New Jersey, it attracts responders from all over the world and is far from provincial. It's an open forum that does not require registration to read, so check it out.

Chess Colony at GameKnot
One of the better-moderated forums with chess discussions for general players and fans. You can also enter through Gameknot.

Chessville's Forum
Well-moderated discussions on various topics.

Chess Exchange Forum
A good place to chat chess, from serious analysis to not so serious satire.

Avler Chess Forum
A better-moderated version of Google's message board (see below), with the same extensive and valuable archives.

A fun community forum.

Chess Talk Message Board
A very nice site for monitoring Canadian chess chatter.

Talk Chess
Various forums; requires free login.

Chess Chat from the Artful Dodger
A well-moderated listserv for those who want lots of e-mail about chess, with a robust archive. Once you are a member, you can go directly to Chess Chat at Yahoo Groups. Chess Forum
A well-moderated forum with lots of interesting questions and responses for beginners and those starting out in rated competition.

USChess Forum
The forum of the US Chess Federation. Mostly for TDs and organizers.
Chess chat at the message board, which has an archive going back at least a decade. But beware: this site is not moderated and now gets a lot of spam (including stuff inappropriate for kids) and therefore has lost a lot of traffic.



Vishwanathan Anand
A site devoted to the great Indian GM.
Kasparov's site, devoted to promoting his Predecessors series but offering interesting forums and downloads.

Vladimir Kramnik
A site devoted to the ongoing triumphs of the champion.
The Russian super-GMs site is pretty cool.

Peter Svidler
The official site of the Russian super-GM.

Bobby Fischer
A very complete site from Chuck Ayoub, including latest news.

Alexandra Kosteniuk
Frequent updates, games, and photos of the beautiful Russian GM. Worth a weekly visit.

Chess Goddesses
See what's going on with the other women of chess.

Judit Polgar
A seemingly official site devoted to the best women's player (and one of the best overall) in the world.

Includes updates on the doings of GM Susan Polgar and links to her recent articles.

A site that is not as frequently updated recently, featuring the games, analysis, and doings of several GMs.

Teimour Radjabov
Frequently updated with his most recent games and analysis.


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